21 Healthy Habits in 2021

The past year has been extremely life-changing for most of us for so many reasons. 2020 is the year we all worked from home, schooled from home and celebrated at home. It was a definitely the year that brought us closer together though we are physically apart, and taught us many lessons which we are to hold onto for the rest of our lives.

As we all watched the year closed, we have come to realize how important observing safety measures and practicing a healthy lifestyle are in order to survive the pandemic. They all say that this is the year we all learned how to wash our hands properly and sanitize our homes frequently. While we all know that the threat to our health is far from being over, and that we might live with this new normal for some time still, let us try to change the bad habits and work our way to a healthier new year. Here are some of my personal ideas on how you can improve your lifestyle and promote better self-care, if you haven’t yet.

21 Healthy Habits in 2021

1. Get up early.

2. Pray and give Thanks.

3. Keep moving and be Active.

4. Hydrate often.

5. Eat on time.

6. Make a Skin Care routine.

7. Have Quality Sleep.

8. Be Patient.

9. Take Vitamins regularly.

10. Eat Healthy meals.

11. Declutter your stuff.

12. Manage your Finances.

13. Avoid Toxic people.

14. List your To Do’s.

15. Destress and have some Fun.

16. Workout regularly.

17. Go Natural or Organic.

18. Lessen time on Gadgets.

19. Diffuse Essential Oils.

20. Try something New.

21. Prioritize your Mental Health.

We all live life differently and make our own choices… but always remember that it’s only us who can make us a better version of ourselves. So no matter where this path leads you, always be kind – to you and specially to others. Let’s make every day of our lives worth the while! Happy New Year, Happy New You. :)




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