Don’t just Settle for Half : Nourish both IQ and EQ

As a first-time mom myself, I was made to believe that IQ and physical development are the only major factors in a child’s development. Growing up, I was told that “make sure to always get high grades” or “you need to be in the top class every time”. Sadly, EQ have been missing over the years when academic success was made to become the top goal.

However, recent studies show the great value of Emotional Intelligence in a child’s over-all growth. In fact, it has been quoted to predict one’s future success in life. Would you believe that a High EQ can also earn your child better grades and makes them fit to be better class leaders?

While it is also true that IQ or Cognitive Intelligence such as comprehension, reasoning, memory, speed helps your child academically, EQ or Emotional Intelligence traits like motivation, perseverance, control and coping should be also hand in hand with it. I feel blessed to have a daughter who loves learning new things each day, the same way she likes helping me in doing household chores. Leia’s both bright and active personalities allow us to cope in whatever challenges life brings. So, let’s not settle for half mommies!

Thankfully now, there are ways to nurture our child’s EQ Growth. And what better way than to provide them with the right amount of Nutrition to fill the missing half! With Enfagrow A+ Four NuraPro, you are harnessing MFGM Pro – a revolutionary discovery that aids in EQ development. Also packed with superior DHA levels, which can help raise your child’s IQ and EQ advantage and HMO 2’-FL to help support the body’s immune system, you can be assured of a holistic growth for your child’s development!

We all want the best for our child! I believe a child’s success in the future thru advancing their IQ and EQ development. Remember that IQ is equally important as EQ.

A glass of Enfagrow A+ Four Nurapro each day is the best partner for Moms like me to ensure completing the missing half and provide my daughter with a fulfilled childhood.

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