The Importance of Green Time for Kids

One of best experiences a child can ever have is Playing Outdoors.

Playing is a Way of Learning too for our children... and there is no better Resource than

Nature itself. Nature Play is highly essential to be taught to smaller kids. In this way, they themselves will learn how to connect and appreciate nature with their own ways. Playing outdoors involve any active play or activities that keeps them pre occupied without the need for us parents to control them. Ideally Child-led Play should take place.

In this time of Pandemic, children were confined in our homes thus allowing them to little to very little time to breathe fresher air and see greens. While playing outdoors helps improve not only physical and brain development but also in our emotional and social well-being but then, sadly not all kids gets to experience this.

Going out specially early during daytime and basking in the morning sun is very beneficial to over all health. We are already locked down in our homes for almost a year and so some of us parents have gradually allowed their child to go out and play. I believe that as long as strict safety and health protocols are observed, specifically wearing face masks, sanitizing hands frequently and maintaining physical distancing, we can be at ease watching them enjoy a little of outdoor fun while also getting the essential benefits from the sun.

Some of us are blessed with online resources and educational materials to help our kids with learning at home while some of us allow our kids to immerse on what is already present in our environment and they are so lucky. There are many benefits of childhood play that continue to adulthood. Some of which include imagination and creativity, problem-solving or decision-making, and planning and organizing.

Children who were not given the chance to experience Active Play may tend to be less healthy that those kids who do. Some of them may feel easily bored or lonely, affecting their motor development and psychological health too. 2020 has led us to Indoor Lifestyle Trends and us adults too have tried adjusting to this New Normal. Every one of us have tried ways to lessen our anxiety and stress levels, doing more ways to divert our attentions from the health crisis we are facing.

Growing up in Nature has always been both a healthy and educational way to keep our kids entertained and enhance the different aspects in their Brain and Body Development. We parents or educators are encouraged to teach our young kids the different aspects of play and learning without having to compromise their drive to learn and understand about new things gradually. We all want to raise happy kids, don't we? By just providing them some of your free time in a free space can do wonders!

Math, Science, or Active Sports are just some of the things Children can learn while enjoying the outdoors. Learning to count, Identifying Objects or doing Movement Exercises have always been present in Playing Outdoors ever since. I love how Leia gets to explore about plants and insects whenever we get the chance to go out. She's also very excited to jump or run with me because of the happiness it brings. How do you like your kids to stay active?

They say "In Teaching We Learn" and its been very true based on our experience. While teaching Leia every day makes it a fun and educational experience for her, it is also the same with me. I get to learn more about animals, space and even trivia about different things. I really hope I can spend more time with her each day and do more of this educational-bonding activity. I always feel blessed whenever I realize how lucky I am to get to witness Leia's early formative years 24/7. Having to be a Hands-On Mom has been extremely beneficial for us both.

I hope you all learn a thing or two from my post today... Can't wait tto share with you more about my personal journey. Until the next one!

Thank you! xoxo --- Rycee


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