To Workout or Not to Workout?

A Beginners Guide to Keep your Body Moving.

One fine day... Thinking, to Jump or Not?

Let’s admit it, we all want to shake off the excess kilos we gained during the lockdown. And as much as we try to, planning to diet won’t really work much if you’re stuck at home with food preparation for the family included in your everyday To Do List. And to add, eating our favorite foods has become our way to deal with anxiety and stress this pandemic brings.

So, to answer our title – “Why Workout”? Actually, Regular Exercise can do wonders for our over-all health. Physical Activities, whether indoors or outdoors, bring a lot of good benefits for our bodies. Those who’ve tried exercising before may have felt pain at first but soon, you’ll be able to feel good after a nice workout.

Getting up early in the morning and making that body move takes a lot of determination and getting used to. I was working out 2-3x a week for 2 years before Leia came to my life. I must say, it takes a lot of discipline to be in that ideal body you want to. Back then, it was easy to insert exercise in my routine because I made it into a diversion with my busy working life. Once I became a Mom, everything changed drastically and, sadly, working out was put aside.

Trying to Workout at around 8am.

I’m sure a lot of moms can relate to, specially first-time moms who, at some point, do not prioritize working out too because they feel like they can do a lot a lot of things since they’re younger. Now, I’m at this point when I wanted to endure doing more activities with Leia, and of course, fit more into regular cute clothes I see online.

If you’re like me who just started to exercise after a long while or someone who want to start a healthier lifestyle by working out but don’t know how or what to do, I hope the following will be able to help you in some way or another. Here are some Useful Tips for Beginners :

1. How to Get Started

Asses yourself and your health. Make sure you are in a good condition to do physical activities specially intense workouts. It is recommended if you can consult your doctor so he can provide your limitations if ever. Not all types of workout is suitable for every one, Jumping Ropes is an example of this.

2. Set your Goal

What is your aim for exercising? Try to set a goal which you can attain. Always start low and go slow. Don’t pressure yourself – take it easy… otherwise you won’t be motivated to move thinking beforehand it’s already difficult to do. You can do this!

3. Make it a Part of your Routine

They say, making it a habit will make it last longer. Sticking to a workout routine or exercising on the same time each day will get your body used to it, thus making you more successful in the end. After a while, you won't feel the need to push yourself, because it's already become a hobby.

According to one Trainer I had the chance to listen to, it is ideal for a person to Do at Least 30 minutes of Movement Exercises each day and at least 2 Resistance Workouts weekly. A Daily Habit Works, but don’t expect to see visible results right away! Increase the intensity or frequency of your workouts as you go through and level up in the long run.

Always remember to Warm Up before every exercise and Cool Down after every one. Our bodies need to prep and recover for our exercises, and pushing ourselves too hard can sometimes lead to extreme body pains or worse, injuries. I personally don’t do much exercises, I only workout when I can and when I want to. My goal though is to do it longer each time, so when I feel the burn, that’s when I know it’s working.

Here are some Basic Exercises you can do.

1. Jogging for 15minutes

2. Brisk Walking for 30minutes

3. Jumping Jacks + Jog in Place for 10minutes

4. Push-ups + Planking for 10minutes

5. Jump Rope for 10minutes

These are just some of the sample exercises you can do for a starter. You can increase your time allotment as you wish to. If you’re planning to work out outside of your home, remember to bring a Water Bottle, a Towel and your Face Mask. I would also recommend you bring your Mobile Phone with you and an ID in case of emergencies.

Me after finishing an alternate of Jumping Rope and Jogging for 30minutes

Always remember, it’s “Progress over Perfection”. Don’t get pressured with the perfect bodies you see online… we all have different lifestyles and body types, so never compare! Take time to do more of what will keep you happy and motivated to get through the day. Always think that you are doing this for yourself, and not because of anyone.

Stay Safe and Stay Sane! ;)

Disclaimer : I am no Pro but I am sharing all these based on my own experience. Feel free to share your thoughts too.

Thank you and Have a Great Day ahead!

xoxo --- Rycee


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