Workouts you can Do at Home

Let's hit those Health and Fitness Goals this 2021!

2021 is the Year we all need to be Healthy, Determined and Consistent. I've never worked out much more than what I have been doing the past weeks. Truthfully, it took me a lot of pushing to do this and it's been fulfilling ever since.

Working out alone and from home is something very new to me. I have tried Bar Exercises, Running and Zumba with friends or at least with other people from years before and unlike now, you'll really have to be motivated to get up in the morning and do things on your own. Since early this year, I started to gradually get back on the mat and to wearing my rubber shoes and move it. It's pretty challenging and difficult to do it at first but I am willing to reach for my goals. It's not about getting sexy, but it's about getting fit & strong... So for the past month, I have tried different home exercises / workout routines trying to see what suits me. I've actually loved this part because it made me learn more about my body and what it can really do. After all, Listening to your Body will help you in keeping it healthy and active!

Here are my Favorite Workouts & Fitness Enthusiasts which you can also enjoy for FREE!!

  1. Fitness Marshall on YouTube

I started to watch Caleb's Videos because i find him really cute and witty! Yeah, it all started that way... but what I really Love about his videos is that they're playing such really cool and popular tunes which I'm sure you all can relate to! Having to groove and move along with his steps and music is a very fun workout to do... you'll never ever feel too much pressure even when you're all sweaty and sore with all the shaking and grooving!

2. Plana Forma

I was doing Forma Exercises way before I had Leia... for me, this is still the Best 60-Minute Workout you can give your body. Talk about Pilates / Yoga / Dance combined!

I love the super sweat + super sore feeling every single time! Now you can Enjoy Forma at Home. Build the body you love and feel the burn at the comfort of your homes. Check out for more details!

3. Eva Fitness

I first saw her Aerobic Exercises via ads in YouTube first, then I saw some of my friends post about it online too. When i tried it, my first reaction was - Wow, this it really is intense! I like to do this 2-3x a week because it really gives you that sore feeling afterwards. But what i dislike about her routines is that there are no rests... Imagine yourself doing 30 minutes of Arm and Leg Work straight! Perfect for those who's got limited time and into serious and intense workouts.

4. Rebel App

I have been seeing posts from my favorite celebrities Erwan and Nico plus from my previous Forma Teachers about this so i got intrigued to check it out and Download the App. And to my surprise , the App is packed with several Workout Routines and Different Intensities! What I love most about it is that each routine has Rests in between every circuit so you can breathe or drink water because it will really help you do and finish the next exercises with ease. Doing squats and lunges is one of my favorites from here!

5. Fit Moms Project in Instagram

I admire the Moms ( Marie and Tina) and the Community behind this group... It's all about Empowering and Enabling one another, one day at a time! You can check their Instagram Page to see various Health Tips and Home Workouts you can try to do at your own pace. They also offer links to Free Classes from different studios and trainers online. What better way to hit those Fitness Goals than to be One with Fellow Moms too!

Remember guys, SMALL PROGRESS is STIL PROGRESS! Don't let pressure stop you. If it really feels overwhelming to just start, do jogging and stretching or jumping or running first then slowly you can increase the intensity of your workouts and the frequency too! I am No Pro at this, but I'm sharing everything based on my experience... If you're a Mom like me, I feel you and I'm with you on this! We are all a WORK IN PROGRESS.

Thank you once again for taking time to read my new post today... I hope we can all do it and workout together soon! Meanwhile enjoy it safely in your homes, and with your loved ones.

May God Bless You... xoxo --- Rycee


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